The Picturesque Wye Tour | Taith Bictiwiésg Dyffryn Gwy
Dyffryn Ysbrydoledig - Man Geni Twristiaeth Prydain

Sir Roy Strong & Lettice by Paul Brason


The beauties of the Wye Valley were discovered for the first time at the close of the eighteenth century. The British, enmeshed in a war against France which lasted over two decades, were forced to have what we call today holidays at home. What they found in this particular part of their native country entranced them both for its variety of landscape experience and historic association. That is still true over two centuries later when the same journeys can be made and virtually the same unchanged visual experience can be re-lived but, I might add, with modern comforts to hand. This is an inheritance all too easy to violate and thus one to fiercely cherish and protect.

Sir Roy Strong