2016 Storytelling Walks

'its not about distance..its adding words to a walk'

Roger Drury from the Soundwork Community Project  will be leading Story Walks at certain times and at some of the events during the Wye Valley River Festival

The Prospect close by St Marys Church, Ross on Wye

(Decorate your buggies, prams, wheelchairs and yourselves for this walk).  We will be sketching the view, meeting the Fish Boasters to hear their stories (thanks to children from Ashfield Park School) and observing the unexpected. We will then parade down Ross Buggy Walk to celebrate Access for All and finish at the Wye Valley River Festival on Rope Walk

Lydbrook Tump 
Storywalk - Pirates greeting the River Travellers from their boats, a moment of sketching - with song from Garden Café Choir, dance with the Custard band and take in a short drama by Lydbrook Youth Theatre
Aftrerwards we meet the great Cork tree, wondering 'Who Stole the Viaduct?'. View the Pirate gallery (more sketching here), making your way through the Willow Chamber of Music and Song.

Outside Coleford Library 
Exploring the tree maze, meeting 'The Dowser' tracking the brooks that flow down from Spout Lane toward the River Wye and the railway lines that once chased the valley,
views that inspire and those that don't, and talking about the 1000 trees newly planted. Please beware there will be some sketching....

Llandogo. Assemble at the church of St Odoceus
In search of an invisible railway, some staring trees, the mystery ledge,the ghosts of elvers and a perfect curve.Please beware there will be some more sketching....

Chepstow Racecourse
Random storywalks throughout the day and lots more. Sketching, posing and a final Exhibition of work  'Drawing the Festival'


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