Festival Flags

This years River Festival flags have been created by talented young artists that live near the River Wye.

The flags represent water, nature and the bio diversity of river life - especially invertebrates. Artists Becky Prior (Priormade) and Faye Joines (Faye Joines Creative Practitioner) worked with classes from Reception to year 6, in 12  primary schools,1 youth club and with 529 children!

A process called Cyanotype, which is an old fashioned printing technique that uses daylight (uv light), was used to create images. First the artists soaked cotton material in their Bristol studio with special chemicals so that it became light sensitive.

During the workshops the natural foliage that the children collected was placed onto the fabric. By blocking the UV light, the leaves created a beautiful organic stencilled effect.

Can you see the beautiful ferns and flowers in the flags?

At the start of each workshop the children learned about the different types of invertebrate that are found in the river and created some wonderful drawings. The older year groups were able to transfer theirs onto the flags and add colour using special fabric paint pens.

There are 23 flags and each will have a label to let you know which schools created them.
If you took part in one of the workshops come to the festival and find your amazing flag!!

Teacher feedback:

"Extremely well organised. The afternoon was informative fun and creative. It will be something the children will remember"

"Very hands on, all engaged"

"Children really enjoyed the scientific aspect of the workshop as well as the freedom to create their own art"

"Learning new techniques- especially the wow factor of it. Seeing the children's obvious enjoyment"

"All year groups coming together and helping each other in making a beautiful piece of artwork"

"Accessible for all children"

"Enjoyed seeing the science of the colour change actually happening"

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