Management & Guidance

Management and guidance plays an important part in the work of the Wye Valley AONB Unit. Working with the Joint Advisory Committe(JAC),local and national government organisations and a range of charitable and voluntary groups productive partnerships are forged which enable us to achieve the aims and aspirations of the Wye Valley AONB.

Management Guidelines

The AONB Partnership develops and publishes guidelines for the management of various aspects of the AONB. The AONB Unit co-ordinates initiatives required to implement the AONB Management Plan, including:-

Landscape enhancement and protection

Wildlife conservation and management

Sustainable Tourism strategies

Public Transport initiatives

Advising the Joint Advisory Committee on issues affecting the AONB.

Forging productive partnerships with those who have an impact on the environment of the AONB.

Exploring new sources of funding for essential conservation and enhancement work in the AONB.

Raising awareness of the value of the area's unique environment and the significance of its designation.

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